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A Short Biography Of Laura Love

(b. 1960?, in Lincoln, Nebraska)

Laura began her professional career at age 16, when she got $50 to sing in the local penitentiary. She soon moved on to club and college shows around Nebraska.

She then relocated to Seattle, where she became a member of Boom Boom G.I. in the late '80s. She left the band because of their sexist lyrics, and got an education. She began writing her own songs and playing bass.

Laura released three acclaimed albums on her own label, Octoroon Biography. Putumayo World Music included her music on two multi-artist compilations and released "The Laura Love Collection". Laura's CDs were played on college stations and public radio throughout North America, and she gained an enthusiastic grass-roots following.

When she was picked up by Mercury records, Laura's success really took off. She released two albums with them, Octoroon and Shum Ticky. She toured extensively in support of these albums, and many (including myself) went to one of her shows and became an instant fan because of the pure energy that comes through in her music. Her songs really make you want to dance and sing along. Her music has been described as afro-celtic, and she combines a wide variety of styles and folk songs with her own original compositions.

Love's band is, by necessity, an eclectic troupe. Fiddler Barbara Lamb, also a headliner in her own right, formerly served in the country acts Ranch Romance and Asleep At the Wheel. Drummer Chris Leighton and guitarist Rod Cook are veteran local players who lead their own jazz-blues project, Toast. Guitarist/mandolinist Jennifer Todd is the newest recruit. At times, they're all joined by mandolinist Mary McFaul (who does double-duty as the band's manager).

Laura's newest album out is called Fourteen Days.


1990 Helvetica Bold

1990 Z Therapy

1992 Pangaea

1995 Putumayo Presents The Laura Love Collection

1995 Jo Miller And Laura Love Sing Bluegrass And Old-Time Music

1997 Octoroon: this album is definitely worth picking up, but be warned it is extremely catchy!

1998 Shum Ticky: this album doesn't really do her justice, although there are some great songs featured here. Her spontaneous style has been comprimised by the slick production and her great distinctive voice has been smoothed over.

2000 Fourteen Days

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