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A Short Biography Of Melissa Etheridge

(b. 1961, Leavenworth, Kansas, USA)

Melissa began her career as a teenager playing in cover bands in Kansas. She attended college at Berklee in Boston, but decided to move to LA and played in women's clubs until Chrils Blackwell of Island Records offered her a recording contract in 1986.

Her first album, Melissa Etheridge was recorded with Kevin McCormick on bass and Craig Krampf on drums. It was released in 1988 with the single "Bring Me Some Water", which was nominated for a Grammy.

Her second album, Brave And Crazy was released the following year, and is my personal favorite. Craig Krampf was replaced by Maurigio Lewak on drums and Bono, the lead singer of U2, made a guest appearance, playing harmonica on the final track, "Royal Station 4/16"

Her third release, Never Enough was a departure from the usual sound, her self-proclaimed "experimental album". This can be found in the techno, futuristic sound of "2001" and the piano/vocal track, "The Letting Go". It was the same stripped down, rock and roll that the critics went for though, and she won Best Rock Vocal, Female at the Grammys for "Ain't It Heavy".

Melissa won the mass following she enjoys today with the album Yes I Am released in 1993, and coinciding with her coming out at the Triangle Ball.

In 1995 she released Your Little Secret, featuring several hit songs including the title track. Her sixth album, Breakdown released in 1999 is still gaining her many new fans worldwide. Melissa is also a mom to a daughter, Bailey and a son, Beckett.

After breaking up with her partner of 14 years, Julie Cypher, Melissa decided to tell all in her Autobiography The Truth is.... It is a very interesting read for anyone interested in her life or the life of a famous musician in general. Coinciding with the release of the book in 2001, she released her 7th studio album Skin.

For more Bio info check out Melissa Etheridge: Our Little Secret by Joyce Luck, distributed by ECW press

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