Here are some of my favorite lines from Melissa's songs

And I realized my heart had abducted my mind, and they were last seen headed south

-Don't You Need, "Melissa Etheridge"

I need some insanity of that temporary kind

-Bring Me Some Water, "Melissa Etheridge"

Even when I close my eyes, you torture me with shameless sighs

-I Want You "Melissa Etheridge"

Shame, shame, but I love your name, and the way you make the Buffalo roam

-No Souvenirs, "Brave And Crazy"

I'd say out to lunch, honey thanks a bunch, it wouldn't work out anyhow

-Brave And Crazy, "Brave And Crazy"

It's not the love that dies, but the understanding ways... Rip through the wire that screens in my window, throw open the shade that covers my mind

-Testify, "Brave And Crazy"

A neutral state between love and hate is bound to take its toll

-Let Me Go, "Brave And Crazy"

So I picked up a sign and I found my place in line and I shouted no talk

-My Back Door, "Brave And Crazy"

If looks could kill each and every cheap thrill would be a homicide

-2001, "Never Enough"

Alarming desperation leads me to believe, with all my sheilds and protection, it's only me I deceive

-Dance Without Sleeping, "Never Enough"

Holding you tight with wide open arms, I'm letting you go, no stranger to harm

-Keep It Precious, "Never Enough"

I've been here before and I'm locking the door and I'm not going back again

-I'm The Only One, "Yes I Am"

I don't care what they think, I don't care what they say, what do they know about this love anyway

-Come To My Window, "Yes I Am"

They feed you on the guilt to keep you humble, keep you low, some man and myth they made up a thousand years ago

-Silent Legacy, "Yes I Am"

Barring divine intervention, there is nothing between you and I

-Yes I Am, "Yes I Am"

A demon's day in madness kissed, I swear I never had it like this

-Resist, "Yes I Am"

Desire slowly smoking under the midwest sky... I sold my soul for freedom, it's lonely but it's sweet

-Talking To My Angel, "Yes I Am"

I'll gladly make you my first tattoo, you and me forever in red and black and blue

-I Really Like You, "Your Little Secret"

Dance with me forever, this moment is divine, I'm so close to heaven, this hell is not mine

-Nowhere To Go, "Your Little Secret"

My baby draws the shades as the taxi pulls away

-An Unusual Kiss, "Your Little Secret"

All the way to heaven is heaven, caught between the spirit and the dust

-All The Way To Heaven, "Your Little Secret"

You liked my dreams, you thought I was wild

-Shriner's Park, "Your Little Secret"

I hear your voice, I know you, in your arms I sleep

I Take You With Me, "Boys On The Side" soundtrack

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