Here are some of my favorite lines from Sheryl Crow's songs

And she smiles the secret smile because she knows exactly how to carry on

-Run Baby Run, "Tuesday Night Music Club"

Used to be I could drive up to Barstow for the night find some crossroad trucker to demonstrate his might

-Leaving Las Vegas, "Tuesday Night Music Club"

Took your car and drove to Texas I'm sorry honey but I suspected we were through

-Can't Cry Anymore "Tuesday Night Music Club"

I guess you thought I'd hide the Sun from my liquid thoughts and make ice for you... I guess you thought I'd shine good morning in some good morning Jack Surprise

-Solidify, "Tuesday Night Music Club"

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning

-All I Wanna Do, "Tuesday Night Music Club"

Could there still be life in Kenton's swing with the Kennedys gone and everything

-We Do What We Can, "Tuesday Night Music Club"

Got a hundred stories and tabloid lies got witnesses to what the government denies so I'm headed down to Roswell to wait and see

-Maybe Angels, "Sheryl Crow"

Leave my phone machine by the radar range Hello it's me I'm not at home if you'd like to reach me leave me alone

-A Change, "Sheryl Crow"

I made a promise said it every day now I'm reading romance novels and dreaming of yesterday

-Home, "Sheryl Crow"

She got a number off the bathroom wall she was looking for a good time so she made the call got a strangely calm voice on the other line a sneaky little priest trying to reach out to swine

-Sweet Rosalyn, "Sheryl Crow"

Bring you comics in bed scrape the mold off the bread and serve you french toast again

-If It Makes You Happy, "Sheryl Crow"

She looked up before she went said "This isn't really what I meant" and the Daily News said "Two with one stone"

-Hard To Make A Stand, "Sheryl Crow"

I hitched a ride with a vending machine repairman... I've been swimming in a sea of anarchy I've been living on Coffee and Nicotine

-Everyday Is A Winding Road, "Sheryl Crow"

Watch our children as they kill each other with a gun they bought at Wal-Mart discount stores... Dance children dance to the beat wanna be a hippy cause life was so sweet

-Love Is A Good Thing, "Sheryl Crow"

She likes lingerie but he prefers the Sombrero... All day long she fills me up with Dogma she's all magazines and Benzedrine and Vodka

-Oh Marie, "Sheryl Crow"

You're a voyer the worst kind of theif to take what happened to us to write down everything that went on between you and me

-The Book, "Sheryl Crow"

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