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A Short Biography Of Tori Amos

(b. Myra Ellen Amos, 22 August 1963, North Carolina, USA.)

Why are so many web pages devoted to Tori? Why is she my favorite musician? Well, for one she is a musical genius... her career began at age 2 and a half, when she was old enough to reach the piano keys. She was the youngest student ever admitted to the Peabody Conservatory of Music at age 5. Her songs range from heart-wrenching, emotional confessions like "Me And A Gun" to the catchy, purely entertaining "Happy Phanthom"... and that's only her first album. I am never bored with Tori's music.

Her first recorded material was a song called "Baltimore" which she wrote at 17 to commemorate the Oriole baseball team. She played in clubs and recorded an album in the 80's with her band "Y Kant Tori Read", a big-hair, heavy-metal band which is still unmistakably Tori. But she put away the hairspray in 1991, and things began to happen. With the release of "Little Earthquakes", she became an instant star in England, where she now resides. Her next album, "Under The Pink" is even better, and features the single "God" which was her breakthrough hit in America. Her third album, "Boys For Pele" debuted at number 2 on the US charts. After you have heard Tori's albums, I would definitly suggest finding some of her single releases, such as Crucify, which has excellent cover versions of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, "Angie" by the Rolling Stones, and "Thank You" by Led Zepplin.

After suffering a miscarriage, Tori began writing the songs which appear on her fourth album, "Songs From The Choirgirl Hotel." The album has less piano and rock more. Her 5th release was a 2-CD set called "To Venus and Back" and includes one disc of new songs with a lot of atmoshpere (they are more dark and moody and less upbeat than those on Choirgirl), and one disk of live tracks. Tori's latest album is titled "Strange Little Girls," which is much more theoretical than her previous albums: it is basically an excercise in gender fucking (messing with traditional notions of gender). Tori covers songs written by men about women, and gives them new meanings. (My favorite song from this album is "Real Men" with the line "don't call me a faggot/ not unless you are a friend")

Tori is also the inspiration for the Sandman comic character Delirium, written by her friend Neil Gaiman.

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